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is a cross-platform digital media delivering news and entertainment content to audience and provides free access and users take advantage from journalism and as contribution of content through a cross-platform digital Media of Breaking News, Trending, Influencer Stories and Special Content for Millennials and Gen Z with the motto ‘ a Day, Keeps the #FOMO Away’, creating more than entertainment all in one platform.

Moreover, was first launched in 2019, understanding that today cohort interact, engage and follow a new generation of role models that define current culture. platform changes the way how users such as content creator interact with their followers and monetize their content. All information needed by millennials can be accessed from the apps.

Collaborating ecosystem, such as and URBAN POINT to get other benefit while socializing and at the same time user can redeem point for the reward. It will be positively enhanced and gain more values as vision.

Among these phases, established as a super portal by collaborating the very basic principle of us: provide people's needs and society trough networking in digital era and implement other development of 360 cross-platform digital media.

About Urbanasia Group

cross-platform digital media is part of Group - a provider of marketing technology and entertainment technology with URFLUENCER influencer marketplace, Ads end-to-end digital platform and Media marketing Agency. Group looks to empower professionals, businesses & industries for further growth through technology.